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The Lauren Liner
Increased efficiency. Reduced expenses.
Lauren AgriSystems' liners improve your bottom line by reducing expenses and increasing productivity. The Lauren liner's patented Tri-Circle® barrel and proprietary DairyGrade™ silicone offers fast milking, less squawks and greater cow comfort. Four liner options are available to fit a variety of systems.
The Lauren liner offers:
Fast Milking
The Lauren liner is designed to provide fast, complete milking for increased productivity.
Fewer Squawks
Using Lauren Liners results in less squawks. Parlor managers can also expect fewer fall-offs and kickoffs.
Optimum Liner Life
Lauren AgriSystems' liners are made of a proprietary DairyGrade™ silicone compound that is guaranteed up to 4,000 milkings.  
Guaranteed Teat End Health
Research proves that using the Tri-Circle® barrel improves teat ends.
Greater Cleanability
The Lauren liner is made from a DairyGrade compound that meets 3-A testing standards and resists fatigue-induced cracking and maintains a smooth surface finish to prevent unwanted residue and bacteria buildup.
Lauren Tri-Circle Liner
Why It Works:
We continue to invest considerable resources to better understand the science that drives dairy performance. Lauren AgriSystems gives you peace of mind by knowing that every aspect of our products are designed to make your job easier and more pro?table.
DairyGrade Silicone Compound
Born from years of research, our DairyGrade™ compounds and unique Tri-Circle® liner can be the key to a fully optimized parlor by helping you:
• Control labor costs
• Maximize efficiency in parlor operations
• Improve the teat end health of your herd
• Enhance cow comfort
DairyGrade™ compound key features
• Meets FDA CFR21 177.2600 standards
• Meets 3-A testing standards
• Bisphenol A (BPA) and Phthalate free
• Non-halogenated
• Ultra-low carbon content
• Reduces liner waste
Tri-Circle Barrel Shape
Tri-Circle Shape - Open  
At the center of the Green Liner's benefits are the patented Tri-Circle barrel liner shape and proprietary silicone blend used in manufacturing.
Tri-Circle Shape - Closed  
Under vacuum, the liner collapses evenly across its length, ensuring undue pressure is not placed on the teat end, which helps make your cows more comfortable.
Put more money in your pocket with less squawks, fewer fall-offs, fast milking and comfortable cows.

A Tri-Circle Barrel 
Only Lauren AgriSystems offers the patented Tri-Circle® barrel, which under vacuum collapses evenly along the length of the teat, ensuring undue pressure is not placed on the teat end.

B Material 
Lauren AgriSystems' proprietary DairyGrade™ compound has been engineered to specifically match the performance of the Tri-Circle barrel and the demands of the milk parlor by lasting a guaranteed 4,000 milkings.

C Quality 
Every liner sold is individually inspected, preconditioned and engraved with a unique serial number, providing complete product traceability from raw material to end-user.

D Mouthpiece 
Combined with the DairyGrade compound, the liner mouthpiece ensures optimum cow comfort, less slippage and virtually no squawks.

E Vents (Optional) 
Lauren AgriSystems' patented vent design minimizes clogging and ensures uniform milk flow.
Lauren Tri-Circle Liner
Ordering Specifications
Part # Description Quantity
(per box)
10104 Liner - NT 100
10124 Liner - NT NV 100
10106 Liner - SI 100
10126 Liner - SI NV 100
To place an order or view our other products, contact GEA Sales & Support at 877-973-2479 today.
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