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The Lauren Shell
Ergonomic design. Exceptional durability.
Lauren ShellThe Lauren shell is specifically designed to integrate with the Lauren liner, incorporating an anti-twist feature to ensure proper alignment and is available in a weighted and non-weighted version.
The Lauren Shell
• High performance, engineered polymer for durability
• Reduces short air tube tears
• Ergonomically designed for milker comfort

Cluster alignment
Shell design helps the liner/shell combination hang straighter during milking, maintaining a better connection to the teat.
Prevents liner twist
Alignment notches on the interior of the shell mouthpiece and shoulder prevent liner twist and hold the liner in place to maintain proper milking function and increase cow comfort.
Easy cleaning
The shell mouthpiece and shoulders integrate with the Lauren liner to create a streamlined profile for easier, more effective cleanability.
A Liner alignment
Anti-twist alignment notches ensure a complete seal and secure the liner in position for proper milking function.
B Integrated design
Integrates with the Lauren liner to ensure optimum cleanability and a smooth outer profile.
C Durable
Constructed of engineered polymer material.
D Reduced tubing tears
Tapered short air tube nipple reduces tubing tears and delivers pulsation to cause liner movement.
E Cluster alignment
Weighted shoulder ensures proper alignment of the milking cluster during handling and milking. Non-weighted versions also available.
Lauren Shell

Ordering Specifications
Part # Description  
10152 Milking Shell; Weighted  
10152N Milking Shell; Non-Weighted  
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New Philadelphia OH 44663
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