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Milking Products
Lauren AgriSystems Liner  
Lauren Liner
Lauren AgriSystems’ liners improve your bottom line by reducing expenses and increasing productivity. The Lauren liner’s patented Tri-Circle® barrel and proprietary DairyGrade™ silicone offers faster milking, less squawks and greater cow comfort. Four liner options are available to fit a variety of systems.
Lauren Shell  
Milking Shells
The Lauren shell is specifically designed to integrate with the Lauren liner, incorporating an anti-twist feature to ensure proper alignment and is available in a weighted and non-weighted version.
Premium Milk Hose  
Premium Milk Hose
Lauren milk hose is made from a DairyGrade silicone blend, meets 3-A testing standards and will not degrade from the common chemicals used in the wash cycle during normal operating conditions.
Clear Milk Hose
Clear Milk Hose
Lauren clear milk hose is designed visibility matched with high performance and is constructed from DairyGrade silicone compound.
Lauren Air Tube  
Air Tubes
Lauren AgriSystems’ air tubes are made from a high grade polymer blend and available in 9/32" ID in a variety of lengths. Our tubes are durable and long-lasting, and remain flexible during cold and hot temperatures.
Lauren Twin Tube  
Twin Tube
Lauren AgriSystems' twin tube is made from a high grade polymer and is available in 9/32" ID. Our tubes stay flexible during both cold and hot temperatures, are durable and long-lasting.
Lauren Milking Claw  
Milking Claw
The 300 CC is adaptable to a multitude of systems with common replacement parts to ensure easy maintenance and repair. The modular component system makes the claw highly adaptable to your herd, ensuring an optimum fit for increased productivity.
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