Twin Tube
Trusted quality. Superior performance.
Twin Air TubesAs a dairyman, you know that exceptional end products depend on high quality ingredients and meticulous planning. 
The high grade polymer used to manufacture our air tubes optimizes operations by maintaining durability and flexibility in a variety of environmental conditions. 
Materials are long-lasting and maintain performance through superior chemical resistance and increased wall thickness.
Remains flexible during hot and cold temperature extremes.
Choosing the right components for your parlor is important to optimize your dairy’s performance. At Lauren AgriSystems, our engineers design products for strength, flexibility and durability to ensure that our tubing will not harden, swell or distort. We do what Lauren has been doing for 50 years — designing against weakness to provide the best products in the industry.
Ordering Specifications
Part # Description Quantity
(per box)
10503 Twin Air Tube 200 ft.
2162 Reiser Ave SE
New Philadelphia OH 44663
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